Introducing the Mortmain Dress

I’ve just finished my Mortmain Dress (a pattern from Gathered) and I am ├╝ber proud of it! I love the style, the fabric and I know I’ll wear this. I’ve already bought different fabric to make it again!






Been busy…

So….. I’ve been a busy little bee in the last few months!
I got married, went on honeymoon, had two weeks at home and then have been back at work a week.
Haven’t done much in the way of crafting but I have managed this cross stitch!

It was a free gift with Mollie Makes magazine.

I finished my dress too, but I don’t think it’s right. The sleeves need altering, but I can’t bear to unpick it…. One day I’ll be brave!

Afternoon Tea

A little fabric stitchery I made using a Wooden Heart Co. kit I bought ages ago. I decided to hand sew mine, as its more relaxing than getting the machine out. I’m going to frame it for the kitchen. Quite enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t need to be need sewing and in fact the wonkier the better…