I don’t usually like to make the same thing twice, but someone at work asked me to make a minion for his daughter, so….

I love the crochet bit! Here’s all the parts of the minion ready to be sewn up.


But I HATE the actual sewing up part! It takes ages and I’m rubbish at it. I tend to rush it, do it wrong, unpick it, get frustrated….. Argh!

I’ve lost one of the dungarees straps too and not made the goggle strap yet. You have to leave it til last so it actually fits, but once I’ve sewn on the goggles I’ll get to it. Off out now to see Paul Hollywood with a very excited husband!


But now he’s finished! I put spiky hair on the last one I made but I’m worried about it fraying/coming loose and this one’s for a child. But I quite like him and hope Lola will too!






New project

Maybe a bit ambitious this one, but what a beautiful day to crochet…
Gotta admit though, I got distracted by reading “the Kingmakers Daughter” by Phillippa Gregory, then by the tennis, (ipad and iplayer in garden – awesome!) then online shopping… Now BBQ
So all in all I haven’t actually crocheted much at all.

3 weeks til wedding so doubt I will get much done in next few weeks either.
So be patient with me…



Excuse the fact that hair hasn’t been brushed, I have no make-up and just scruffs on, but… Current work in progress has got to a whole new stage now.

In fact, avert taking this photo I managed to do the neckline too so it looks tidier and then disaster… I’m sitting outside and dropped my crochet hook through the gaps in the decking.

Better half is now trying to fish it out using a combination of skewers, chopsticks and wool.

Anyway… We’re getting there.