Cherry pie

  Bit cheeky this one, as I didn’t really make it. I just picked and stoned some of the cherries. Husband made the rest. 

So it started as a tree in the garden. 

  And we picked the cherries (well, the ones we could reach and that the birds didn’t get to first!) 
  We removed the stones and soaked them in amaretto before putting them in the pastry base. Mm 
 Then topped it with what should have been grated pastry dough but it was too wet… 

 Baked it and ate it with custard. Yum!



Summer makes

Finally we have some sunshine! 

I’ve been trying to make the most of rainy days stuck inside by getting on with some sewing projects. Yesterday I made a beach kaftan cover up thing. It only took a couple of hours and my husband’s verdict was “it actually looks quite professional” in a rather surprised tone of voice. 😁


 And today in the sunshine I’ve finished the bag I’ve been crocheting in garden twine.  

So productive all in all.😀

Flowery dress

I’ve been making the most of the summer holidays by using the time to get my sewing machine out and do some of the longer seeing projects I’ve had in mind for a while now. First one finished is this dress. 

I’m not entirely happy with the fit. My husband helped me get my measurements and according to the pattern I needed to make the U.S. Size 16. It seemed a little at odds with my usual size, but we measured three times and it always came out the same. So I made the 16… Of course,  it was far to big across the chest and sleeves when I was finished, meaning it didn’t hang right anywhere, so I had to unpick and adjust the sleeves (by several cm!) so now it stays on securely but is still baggy around the bust. Wearable though.

In conclusion, I will be making this pattern again, or at least one of the other variations, but will go for the 14 I think and still be prepared to have to make adjustments. 

Wedding gifts

It has been a really busy few weeks! A couple of weeks ago my Dad got married and I decided to hand make gifts for them. So I crocheted dolls of the two of them in their wedding outfits and of their dog, Peanut. Then I made a fabric print. They were fussy with them and I was pleased.