Running achievement board


  Getting fit and entering races is not something I ever, EVER thought I would do. These photographs, race numbers and medals represent some of the greatest achievements of my life. I may not be fast. I might look like Phoebe from friends when I run. I may only have completed three events so far, but I’m really proud of myself and so wanted to create somewhere to display my achievements. I’ve already entered FOUR Race for Life events for this year, one of which is the half marathon and the summer Wolf Run which I’m doing with my husband this year. And I have my eye on a few more running events. So hopefully this board will get a lot more full! 

I’ve started one for my husband too, who is more of a weights and mountain biking kinda guy, but as I say, he’s doing the Wolf Run too and has entered his first ever mountain bike race so we’ll be able to fill this as the year goes on.


Right, back to my sock knitting now.


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