Bee blouse

Happy Halloween everyone!
I’m not one for celebrating Halloween to be honest. I’ll be hiding when it gets dark later until the husband return.
Anyway, I got my sewing machine out yesterday afternoon, went through my stash of fabric and dug out a pattern which came free with issue 2 of Love Sewing.

It’s a pattern for a blouse and skirt and I decided to make the blouse from some leftover fabric I had (Mortmain dress take two)

I’ll have to wait for husband to come home to take photos of me wearing it, but I have to say I’m really pleased with it. The instructions were a little wishy washy in places for a near beginner like me. There are definitely things I’d do differently next time. If I were braver I’d try it in a sheer fabric. I’d also like to try a sleeveless version and make a short sleeved version.
Anyway, hope you like.




Felt like making a hare tonight…

So I did. A needle felted hare. It’s using the book and kit I bought from the über talented Jenny Barnett on Sunday at the Bakewell Wool Gathering. (Which, by the way, was fab!)

So the book and kit cost just £20. I have done some needle felting before, but I spotted Jenny Barnett on facebook a while back and fell in love with her use of natural fibres and colours to sculpt woodland creatures. The book is lovely. A really beautiful thing to flick through. If I ever wrote a book I would want it to be just like this one. The illustrations! Oh!

The instructions are very clear, but it will take a lot more practise to be anywhere near as good as Jenny. Still, I’m pretty proud of Harry, who I chose to pose as if he’s gazing up to the stars. I bought some more fleece whilst in Bakewell, as well as the obligatory pudding. I intend to make the fox from the book and then some seals. Oh, and the badger! Eeek! Too exciting.






Right front of cardigan complete!

Seriously, this is taking me ages! But I’m really enjoying it. I only have the left front, front underwrap, back, sleeved and collar to knit. So… It should be complete by xmas 2017 then. Hmph.
The wool is lovely to work with though and on fairly chunky needles so it’s not as slow as it could be.
Right, I’m off to cast on again.