Toft Hyacinth Cowl

Finally finished the cowl I started knitting on holiday. I really am the world’s slowest knitter!
It’s a Toft Alpaca pattern using just one ball of their fine yarn. The pattern states that you do 6 repeats of the pattern but I stopped after 5 as I am pretty sure is have run out of yarn if is done 6. It’s gorgeous yarn but not cheap and I’d have been annoyed if is had to buy another ball.
Really like this one and enjoyed knitting it in the round.






I took my Toft book and some wool on holibobs with me last week. Got some seriously funny looks on the beach. One group of Norwegian tourists seemed particularly fascinated when I was knitting. Maybe because I was wearing my “I love knitting” T-shirt at the time!
Anyway, I crocheted all the pieces of the Jessie the raccoon pattern while I was in Skiathos and have just sat and stitched it all together. Seem to have made mine a rather evil raccoon, as opposed to the cute one in the book… Hmm. It’s the faces. I need more practise.
The knitting isn’t finished. I’ll get to that next.



Short ‘n’ snuggly

A dear friend gave me some wool last week that she’d been given by an elderly relative and didn’t think she’d use. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a shrug. I trawled the internet for patterns but really struggled as the wool was aran weight. Eventually I settled for the Short ‘n’ sweet shrug pattern from the book “The Happy Hooker”.

I’ll admit, I wonder if I’d like it to be a bit longer, but I ran out of yarn. It’s an old, discontinued yarn too. So it’s tough. However, the pattern was pretty easy to follow, especially with the extra help notes I found on the internet. It’s very warm and snug.