Sixties inspired dress!

This is my favourite so far!

So while the rest of the world watches football (yawn!) and my husband watches 24hr Le Mans (yawn!) I made another dress.

I bought this fabric in Grimsby a couple of weeks ago. It was actually my Mum who picked it. I wasn’t all that sure and was almost regretting buying it. Then hubby bought me Sew Magazine yesterday and as soon as I saw the free pattern I knew this fabric was perfect. So I cut out the pattern this morning. Yes! This morning! And I’m already finished! Bit of a poop in some ways as it was a project that was supposed to last me a week!

I admit, when I measured myself this morning I seemed to be falling into the size 14 category, but I’m normally a size 10 and have worked very hard to be a size ten, so psychologically I couldn’t make the 14. Daft I know. So I compromised and made the 12… Lord knows how, but somehow it worked out perfect, if a little tight around my post-dinner tummy!

However, this feels the least “homemade” thing I’ve sewn so far. It was quite tricky at times, with a style of darts I’ve never made and the facing was more complex than any facing I’ve done before. So I’m proud of myself for this one…

Love it!





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