Delphine Skirt

Made me a Tilly and the Buttons “Delphine” skirt yesterday afternoon using some fabric I had stashed away a while ago. Wearing it to work today. Choosing coordinating items carefully since my husband pointed out it looked like a school skirt and I’m already shorter than most of my pupils so could easily be lost amongst them if wearing their uniform! ( the grey hairs might set me apart! That and my skirt isn’t so short that it skims my bum cheeks!)

Might add buttons to this at the weekend…





Sixties inspired dress!

This is my favourite so far!

So while the rest of the world watches football (yawn!) and my husband watches 24hr Le Mans (yawn!) I made another dress.

I bought this fabric in Grimsby a couple of weeks ago. It was actually my Mum who picked it. I wasn’t all that sure and was almost regretting buying it. Then hubby bought me Sew Magazine yesterday and as soon as I saw the free pattern I knew this fabric was perfect. So I cut out the pattern this morning. Yes! This morning! And I’m already finished! Bit of a poop in some ways as it was a project that was supposed to last me a week!

I admit, when I measured myself this morning I seemed to be falling into the size 14 category, but I’m normally a size 10 and have worked very hard to be a size ten, so psychologically I couldn’t make the 14. Daft I know. So I compromised and made the 12… Lord knows how, but somehow it worked out perfect, if a little tight around my post-dinner tummy!

However, this feels the least “homemade” thing I’ve sewn so far. It was quite tricky at times, with a style of darts I’ve never made and the facing was more complex than any facing I’ve done before. So I’m proud of myself for this one…

Love it!





So I finished the dress.

It’s the Megan dress from Tilly Walden’s “Love at first Stitch”

So… From the front I love it. I’m really pleased with my darts, my sleeves and the tricky invisible zip. But I really don’t like the neckline.
It’s all baggy… gappy… or gapey or … something…

A shame… And I’ve no idea why it’s like that. I’m going to wash it and see if that softens it or anything, but I’m not hopeful. Boo!


Update: I wore this dress to work last week and nobody said it looked odd. And I felt lovely in it.
So there!

Mortmain take 2

So I made another Mortmain dress, using the Gathered pattern again. Only this time I decided to use two different fabrics. I bought the fabric from the Rustic Pumpkin in Rugby and immediately knew it would make the perfect Mortmain. The bodice is cream with little bees and the skirt a beautiful blue.

The only problem I had was when fitting the zip in the back. I could not get the waistband to line up. And when I eventually did, I noticed the top of the bodice doesn’t quite line up! Whoops. My husbands suggestion is that it’s fine as it will be under my hair… He’s clearly not noticed that my hair isn’t that long! I’ll forgive him, as he’s an able and willing dressmakers assistant when I’m pinning, lining up things and generally getting in a pickle.
Love this dress though!