Meet Baaarnesy

My gorgeous husband bought me a kit from Sheap knits (via blacker yarns) for my Birthday ( and I’ve just finished!

There have been some challenges… I had to learn the loop stitch, I’ve never done increases before and the intarsia base. (which I know I did wrong but still…) But the instructions were really clear so it’s given me confidence. Really enjoyed it.

So as a work in progress…


And the finished product…





Bit of intarsia

First attempt at intarsia… But bumpy but not a bad effort! I’ll hopefully finish this project over the weekend then you’ll see what my loopy knitting and intarsia was all about!


Sewing machines are hard to use!

I finally gave in and got my sewing machine out today to do that job I’ve been putting off forever! We bought some yellow, woollen fabric ages ago to make a throw for our sofa. All
I had to do was cut it straight and then sew some bias binding along the edges. Not difficult. Straight lines.

After a lot of swearing, twice getting tangled, wobbly edges, husband unpicking a section for me,

pricking myself with pins a few times and almost sewing my cardigan to it (I know, it baffles me how I did that too!) I’m finally done.

Pleased with the final result. Will be snuggly on chilly days.

The sewing machine is going away though again… Too stressful