Husband mini-me!

I’m so pleased with my latest crochet amigurumi! It’s my long-suffering husband! I made him make the glasses for me and then wear the right shirt and trousers for the photographs… He does it all with a forced smile. Lol
Here it is!






Bad weather means lots of crafting!

This wet, cold, grim weather, and not feeling all that great 😦 means that I’ve stayed in all weekend crafting. I made another felted penguin this morning.., then I went back to bed for a nap. Then I wound some of the hanks of wool that I’ll be using to knit a wrap into balls. And then this evening I started making a new amigurumi from the book Amigurume, which I had on pre-order from amazon for MONTHS… I was so excited when it finally arrived this week and so far I’m not disappointed.
Anyway, it’s 9pm… Bedtime for me now, hoping a good sleep will have me waking up feeling better for work tomorrow.





Weekend of knitting!

Yesterday was fab! Had the morning at Toft Alpaca learning to cable with a friend. It’s such an inspiring place and you can’t help but get up every few minutes to stroke yet another of their gorgeous projects in the shop.
Anyway, my very patient tutor spotted I was knitting all wrong, which did mean I had to start again… But then I was away and cabling is easy peasy! Managed to finish the first cable wrist warmer today and am so proud of it (well, I still have to sew it up, but…)


And then this evening I’ve made another BIG KNIT bottle hat. This time it’s a smoothie monster!



The Big Knit

So…. I’ve been finding knitting rather frustrating… when I make a mistake (which is very often!) I have no idea how to put it right. It’s been annoying. So when I saw the innocent drinks big knit campaign I thought what a good idea, some tiny things to make to practise my knitting and it’s for charity!