Needle felted penguin!

Just made my first teeny tiny (3cm tall!) penguin using the kit I bought from Ruth Packham at yarndale yesterday. It took me a while to get the body to a suitable shape, but was really fun and I managed to do it without breaking the needle! Hurrah!

I’ve done a little needle felting before, on my hen do, but that was felting letters into a knitted heart, so not sculpting from scratch, so this was a really new adventure! Loved it! Proud!

Update: made another one now!



I’ve just got home after a long, but lovely day travelling up to Skipton for Yarndale!

After we found somewhere to park (difficult, as it was jam packed!) we following the bunting to the auction mart.





The venue itself was decorated beautifully with crochet bunting. There was a display of crocheted Andalusian food and picnic items.







I managed to treat myself – of course! 😉
I bought a felting kit, a yarn bowl and a lovely kit to knit a cabled Aran wrap…
Then we follows the bunting through the yarnbombed park to the canal where we spotted these gorgeous ducklings!




We had a stroll along to canal to Skipton for lunch…

…and then started the long drive home. I was knitting away happily in the car and then broke my circular knitting needles that I only bought last week, so that was a bit rubbish!


Knitted wrist warmers

Yes! You read that right! Knitted!

I’m learning to knit ready to go on a cable knitting workshop at toft alpaca in two weeks!

This is my first knitted project apart from a disastrous scarf a few years ago. I’ve only had to knit, purl and cast on and off – no increasing or decreasing – so it’s simple really, but seeing as I’ve messed it up a few times I’ve also had to learn how to unknit etc…

Ordered some more yarn… You can never have too much!



I don’t usually like to make the same thing twice, but someone at work asked me to make a minion for his daughter, so….

I love the crochet bit! Here’s all the parts of the minion ready to be sewn up.


But I HATE the actual sewing up part! It takes ages and I’m rubbish at it. I tend to rush it, do it wrong, unpick it, get frustrated….. Argh!

I’ve lost one of the dungarees straps too and not made the goggle strap yet. You have to leave it til last so it actually fits, but once I’ve sewn on the goggles I’ll get to it. Off out now to see Paul Hollywood with a very excited husband!


But now he’s finished! I put spiky hair on the last one I made but I’m worried about it fraying/coming loose and this one’s for a child. But I quite like him and hope Lola will too!





Been busy…

So….. I’ve been a busy little bee in the last few months!
I got married, went on honeymoon, had two weeks at home and then have been back at work a week.
Haven’t done much in the way of crafting but I have managed this cross stitch!

It was a free gift with Mollie Makes magazine.

I finished my dress too, but I don’t think it’s right. The sleeves need altering, but I can’t bear to unpick it…. One day I’ll be brave!