New gorgeous Kindle case

My new Kindle case from just arrived and I love it!
I went with the “To Kill a Mockingbird” cover, although I also loved the “Pride and Prejudice” one. It was a real struggle to get the kindle in it, as it’s a snug fit but thats good as it means it won’t fall out! I’m going to have to be careful with it though, as its pretty delicate as cases go, but so pretty! And it makes me feel like I have an actual book and can look a librarian in the eye!
Overall, really pleased with it. Look at their website, they have cases for other devices too!





Memory Stick Sock

I broke the bit of my memory stick that you use to attach it to a lanyard. It was driving me crazy that I kept leaving it in my pencil case, a random computer at work, losing it in my handbag… So I crocheted a little sock for it, to attach it to my lanyard. Hopefully I’ll not lose it now, although knowing my luck with USBs….