Wedding favour practise… Not gone all that well.

This took me ages. It’s the beginning of a really cool idea we sawn the Internet for wedding favours. But it hasn’t gone well. And it took me ages… So not ideal for something I have to make 30 or so of! But I really want something crochet at the wedding.
Back to the drawing board….



The Lyon made a lion!

This weekend, by request, I have made a little amigurumi lion.

I’m quite pleased with this one. It’s from Nicki Trench’s “super-cute crochet” book.

In progress….


And the finished thing…. Unless I give him a hair mane cut…




I wrote this email to an American crochet magazine, Crochet Today, ages ago. And look! When I downloaded the new issue over breakfast this morning I spotted something I recognised. My letter and picture! Hurray!
Stupidly excited.

Afternoon Tea

A little fabric stitchery I made using a Wooden Heart Co. kit I bought ages ago. I decided to hand sew mine, as its more relaxing than getting the machine out. I’m going to frame it for the kitchen. Quite enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t need to be need sewing and in fact the wonkier the better…