Snowflake Susie

I need to buy some starch spray to stiffen the snowflake branches, but here is this afternoon’s project. Not bad for a few hours work.


Starched now, but unfortunately a little wonky. Ah well… So she’s been on the Xmas snowballs already!



Soda Bread

Ok, so I had help with this and it’s really easy to make…..
Perfect warm with butter and bramble jelly washed down with a cup of tea!


New books!


Bought these two books recently. The Geek Chic Crochet one came last week. Love the patterns in it, simple and things I’d actually wear, but all require a lot of wool and a lot of time…. Hmph. Patience is NOT my strength.

Then the Lacy Crochet book arrived today. Was hoping to find some inspiration either for handmade Xmas presents or wedding decorations/favours. Some nice items but the patterns are all in diagram format! The amazon description didn’t forewarn me of that! I’ve never used that type of pattern before. Don’t know if I’m ready for it…