All ready for Autumn

This afternoon, seeing as I’m still full of cold ( you know who you are, germ spreader!) I have crocheted a scarf. I’m all ready for the chilly Autumn weather.
And my fiancĂ© picked the blackberries in our garden so we made an apple and blackberry loaf cake, a Joanne Wheatley recipe. It’s yummy!

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Beaten the slippers!

I am so proud of myself! Remember the slippers that got me all wound up and frustrated a couple of weeks ago? Well, today, seeing as I’m full of cold and have an awful sore throat, I’ve spent all day crocheting on the sofa… Outdoor sofa this afternoon on the decking, indoors watching tv this evening.
And I’ve done them! It’s not the best picture. I have ugly feet. But you get the idea. And they may be ugly, but they’re looking prettier in these and are toasty warm!