Crocheting Slippers = frustration

So, while the fiancé has been out I’ve taken the time to crochet some slippers using a pattern from the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today and some shimmery Red Heart yarn I bought today in Sainsburys. “I could make a few pairs for Christmas presents” I said optimistically to the fiancé, who politely nodded. Well, it’s been a total disaster.

I got the soles made -double for extra comfort – and was feeling very proud. They looked cool. And foot shaped.

I started the sides and saw them taking shape. Wow I thought. This is easier than I expected.


Then I realised that I had about fifteen too many stitches.

I could not work it out. I unpicked about four rows. Still wrong. Then I couldn’t work out which row I was on.

So I unpicked it all back to the soles and I realised that that is where my problems had started. 75 stitches not 72! Boo!

But it’s ok, I thought. I’ll decrease it now. So I get to my 72 stitches and then realise that of course I didn’t have the marker in place for the toes….. Arggghh!

So, I ate pie and chips instead and am ignoring the crochet.


Maybe the crochet elves will come and fix it overnight?……. (hopeful face)


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