Short skirt


Made a short skirt today. Used liberty fabric again and then a Great British Sewing Bee pattern. It was fairly easy and great to practise sewing hems, finishing raw edges and making a casing. To be honest, I’m not sure
I’ll wear it as it’s quite short, see through and not that flattering. But maybe in the summer, over swimwear on the beach holiday I’m sure we’ll book… Someday… Maybe…




Summer Drape Top

I made myself a top this evening, for the summer. I’m still a very beginner sewer, so I picked an easy looking project from the “Great British sewing Bee, Sew your own Wardrobe” book. The fabric is a Liberty off cut, which you only need a metre of. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, although it’s quite big in places and I’ll admit to making a fairly silly mistake, which I’m not going to tell you about! But overall, it’s a perfectly wearable summer top.





Today I made an apron

So about a year (maybe two years…) ago we had a snow day and I spent the afternoon cutting pattern pieces for this apron from the Liberty Book of Home Sewing. Well, I never got around to finishing it. So yesterday, when cleaning I thought it was about time that instead of moving the fabric to dust under it, I should just finish the thing. So that’s what I did today…
I should point out that I am utterly useless with a sewing machine. Straight lines end up wonky, curves inevitable go off the edge, the tension is all wrong… But somehow I get there in the end. And I’m learning.





Pom Pom Mittens

Yes, I know it’s the wrong time of year to knit mittens but this kit was a present for my Birthday in December and I really struggled to start it. At times I didn’t understand the pattern, didn’t know how to increase, couldn’t visualise how what I was knitting would become a mitten…
Anyway, the first one (the left) took a while but the second one I started last night and have just finished it today!





Meet Baaarnesy

My gorgeous husband bought me a kit from Sheap knits (via blacker yarns) for my Birthday ( and I’ve just finished!

There have been some challenges… I had to learn the loop stitch, I’ve never done increases before and the intarsia base. (which I know I did wrong but still…) But the instructions were really clear so it’s given me confidence. Really enjoyed it.

So as a work in progress…


And the finished product…