Felt like making a hare tonight…

So I did. A needle felted hare. It’s using the book and kit I bought from the über talented Jenny Barnett on Sunday at the Bakewell Wool Gathering. (Which, by the way, was fab!)

So the book and kit cost just £20. I have done some needle felting before, but I spotted Jenny Barnett on facebook a while back and fell in love with her use of natural fibres and colours to sculpt woodland creatures. The book is lovely. A really beautiful thing to flick through. If I ever wrote a book I would want it to be just like this one. The illustrations! Oh!

The instructions are very clear, but it will take a lot more practise to be anywhere near as good as Jenny. Still, I’m pretty proud of Harry, who I chose to pose as if he’s gazing up to the stars. I bought some more fleece whilst in Bakewell, as well as the obligatory pudding. I intend to make the fox from the book and then some seals. Oh, and the badger! Eeek! Too exciting.







Right front of cardigan complete!

Seriously, this is taking me ages! But I’m really enjoying it. I only have the left front, front underwrap, back, sleeved and collar to knit. So… It should be complete by xmas 2017 then. Hmph.
The wool is lovely to work with though and on fairly chunky needles so it’s not as slow as it could be.
Right, I’m off to cast on again.


Tiny Personal Trainer

I’ve just come back from seeing a fab Personal Trainer friend at http://www.ghostfitness.co.uk and took the opportunity to drop off the Mini-Jason I’ve made.
The tyre is reminiscent of the 60kg tyre he made me cart around the gym so often.
Think he now thinks I’m totally weird! I suspect his clients may want one themselves to stick pins in when he’s making them do push ups!









The Lyon is making some money for charity

Well, I’m trying anyway. This Sunday I’m taking part in a 10km muddy run with scary obstacles (well, I’ll be scared!) in aid of Type One Mission.

You can text “daly79 £1″ to 70070 to donate £1 or You can sponsor me here http://www.justgiving.com/DanielleBarnesWolf?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=DanielleBarnesWolf&utm_campaign=pfp-tweet-mobile


Toft Hyacinth Cowl

Finally finished the cowl I started knitting on holiday. I really am the world’s slowest knitter!
It’s a Toft Alpaca pattern using just one ball of their fine yarn. The pattern states that you do 6 repeats of the pattern but I stopped after 5 as I am pretty sure is have run out of yarn if is done 6. It’s gorgeous yarn but not cheap and I’d have been annoyed if is had to buy another ball.
Really like this one and enjoyed knitting it in the round.